take part

What you can do and how you can join in

For Individuals – 

You can spread the word and share stories of where you are finding organisations, places and people who follow these principles.

#ShareTheLove #BeHuman 

Keep in touch and let us know.

For organisations – 

 You are never too big or too small to join. There is a Give and Get deal, see below:

For organisations you get:

  1. The principles to talk about what it means to your organisation, use and share
  2. Your organisation’s name on a national Be Human register (reviewed every 12 months and highlighting what you are best at)
  3. An individual survey link to test and gauge the principles with your employees or/and customers/recipients of support. Followed by a private brief analysis of the survey and your highest “best at” principle on the public register. Our aim is to encourage and not shame so the full report will not made public.
  4. The best bit! The knowledge you are part and a pioneer in a great new public attitude venture.

For organisations you give:

  1. Your commitment signed at a senior level to aim to deliver these principles in the organisation
  2. The survey link provided to all your employees or/and recipients of support (can be either or both)
  3. Share as many stories as you are willing (with permissions) with the #BeHuman & #ShareThe Love tags
  4. Keep in touch and spread the word of the movement
  5. Whatever you can (financially) towards the costs of us administering the survey and movement. We are leaving costs open deliberately so smaller organisations are able to partake and larger organisations can help or sponsor on a greater level and/or  have more analytical data  and/or organisational developmental options on how to improve ratings of the principles in your organisation.
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