Need more support?

In order to shift to a culture that reaches these principles there is support In Control and its partners can bring or link to organisations to enable the shift to take place – products and offers such as:

a) All Together Better programme – massive success rate in shifting culture and making better relations and communication between citizen and state or corporate organisations to work together as partners in policymaking for the organisation.

b)Understanding the health and social care sector > for employees who are or may need to engage with the health and social care how best to understand their rights and how this relates to their work. 

c) BE human review  – a scope review on your current organisational culture > This could be as simple as a performance type review to a full on survey or mystery shopper type approach.

d) Leadership and Change Management programmes. 

e) Resolution investigations, practice and recommendations – this would be where people get stuck in the most dire circumstances to have an independent person come in and unpick it to enable the situation to be resolved but as important to ensure lessons are learned and systems are changed to avoid such issues reoccurring. 

f) Advice and mentoring – offering a range of advice to individuals receiving and/or working in organisations around all health and social care employee related issues. This can be an ongoing call line for employees for organisations.