The ‘Be Human’ movement will continue to keep a central record and bear witness for people's experiences of health and social care. We have updated the register to record the experiences of disabled people and people with long-term health conditions, their supporters and family members of drawing on health and social care.

We want to learn from people’s experiences, both good and bad, and to help or support where we can.

Register of decisions

A central register log will be filed in order to track and monitor live experiences. 

Our aim is to:

1. To centrally and nationally record people’s experiences of health and social care support.

2.To identify what went well and what not so well.

3. Where appropriate and practical to intervene and help to improve experiences.

4. To learn from experiences and help develop best practice or highlight and unite people where there are significant issues. 

5.To inform future strategy and policymakers locally and nationally.

Let us know here….

Report your experience of getting care or treatment during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

The survey will ask you about your views and experience about several areas of health and social care.

These areas are:

  • Communication and Advice
  • Information and Rights
  • Attitude of Staff
  • Assessment and Reviews
  • Flexibility and Change
  • Quality of Support
  • Amount of Support
  • Paying Charges / Top up’s / Contributions
  • Accessing Staff

You will able to choose to answer all of the question areas or just select some of them to answer if you want to.

Experiences share...

Anne’s story – A  story of how what effect processes have on results and outcomes  – and if the process could shift what difference could be made.