about be human

The 7 Principles of Be Human

BE Human – means treating the person as human not a widget or cog in the system.

BE kind – means considering how you approach individuals and families, not making snap judgements and it costs nothing.

BEhave – means knowing and following the law including ethics and principles and best practice.

BE Honest – means no blagging and bluffing, people respect and can deal with honesty, tell the truth.

BE Trusting – means knowing that the majority of people are not bad or fraudulent but want to live an ordinary life in the best way they can. Trusting people can open a new door of opportunity. Keeping an open mind, there are always different ways of doing things that might be better. Be open to different suggestions and options.

BE Present – means making and keeping connections with people. Responding in a timely manner, not ignoring questions or queries. Engaging well with people.  

BE Transparent – means being open about your rules and regulations, making them simple and accessible so people know clearly what they can and cannot expect.