We have been hosting a series of webinars since the start of the Coronavirus crisis to help people and families gather information and practical tips.

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Recordings from recent webinars...

The webinar is for anyone employing PA’s (Personal Assistants) using their Direct Payments it will be focused on employers and employees for people on Direct Payments via a personal budget or personal health budget. The speakers are Miro Griffiths who employs his own PAs, Carol Reeves from Skills for care and Jug Sahota and Emma Slaven from ACAS.

The slides to the webinar are available here

Webinar from 24th June 2020 – Let’s talk about…Employing PA’s

Useful links: www.skillsforcare.org.uk/iepahub



We will add the question and answers from the webinar soon

This webinar is about the recent changes to the UK benefits welfare system, from Universal Credit, Statutory Sick Pay, to Personal Independence Payment and what further help may be available. The webinar also explores the changes to benefit eligibility for new claimants and the protections put in place to safeguard those who are already claiming benefits.

This really useful update is provided by Richard Conway, a Benefits Advisor and Bez Ely a Welfare Benefits Adviser, from the Disability Law Service

Webinar from 28th April 2020 – UK benefits welfare system during the Coronavirus crisis

ASK CPAG has useful resources on how benefits are affected by coronavirus: https://askcpag.org.uk

To check which benefits you may be entitled to before you apply, you can use a benefits calculator:  https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators

This webinar focuses on housing issues during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. The webinar covers possession, homelessness, ASBO’s, disrepair matters and unlawful eviction. It also covers the impact of the Coronavirus on areas of housing and provides some examples of questions people are asking /problems they face and offering some solutions and advice in that regard.                                              Ola Akinyode, a Housing Solicitor and Priya Bahri, a Trainee Solicitor with the Disability Law Service give guidance through this webinar

Webinar from 22nd April 2020 – Housing issues in the UK during Coronavirus crisis.

This webinar is about staying healthy at home, it coverS information about Coronavirus (COVID-19), the symptoms, risks and what to do as well as the importance of staying in touch, and structuring and planning your days.

Guidance is from Steve Hardy, Practice Development Nurse, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and Matthew Roberts, Postgraduate Occupational Therapy Student, Cardiff University.                     

Webinar from 9th April 2020 –    Staying healthy at home during the Coronavirus crisis.                                  

This a webinar about employment issues for people with direct payments via a personal budget or personal health budget.

Stephen Robson the senior solicitor for employment and discrimination from Disability Law Service explores the employment related issues during Coronavirus crisis.

The webinar is useful for anyone concerned about employment issues in the current climate.   

Webinar from 1st April 2020 – Employment issues for people with direct payments during the Coronavirus crisis.

Questions and answers from the webinar –          1st April 20

The Disability Law Service have kindly provided details of the different areas that they cover which includes: community care, employment, housing and welfare benefits. You can find contact details here: Disability Law Service Overview and Contacts

This webinar recording focuses on accessing care during the Coronavirus Crisis. With the onset of new emergency coronavirus legislation, “The Coronavirus Bill 2019-21”. Steve Broach, a barrister at 39 Essex Chambers in London, gives information on this legislation and take questions on how to access care during this time. Steve’s talk is for information only and cannot be relied on for legal advice. If legal advice is needed you may wish to contact a solicitor (some suggestions below).  


Webinar from 30th March 2020 –  Accessing Care during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Questions and answers from the webinar will be available soon

If you need additional advice you can find a list of Solicitors with expertise in disability and special education needs (SEN) cases here: List of Solicitors 

In this webinar recording you will hear from people who have started their contingency planning and hope to enable sharing of their tips and ideas. It focuses on those with Direct Payments via a Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget. Miro Griffiths, Andy Walker and Tricia Nicoll share their contingency plans.                                                                        

Webinar from 26th March 2020 – Practical tips on contingency pans during COVID-19 for people with Direct Payments. 

This is the link to a webinar recording where people gathered on line to discuss tactics and practical tips for people & families who have a direct payment through a personal budget or health budget. Listen in to hear Miro Griffith, Will Case, Liz Wilson and Karen Saville who manage their direct payments who shared the protocols they have put in place for themselves and their PA’s. 

Webinar from 17th March 2020 – Practical tips during COVID-19 for people with Direct Payments 

Tips, notes, contacts, questions and responses from the webinar can be found here:                          Tips and notes from the Webinar 17th March 20 

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