Be Human

Our dream is for all organisations to be more human

We believe that how people feel is important. If people feel that they know what is going on and how things work they have more confidence and value and appreciate the experience.

This might seem to be a simple concept but it is actually very powerful for all organisations to understand. Whether you are in a commercial or public organisation there are strong benefits to creating a “Be Human” environment.

The 7 Principles of Be Human

The benefits:

  It contributes to levels of satisfaction

  According to POET survey done by In Control levels of satisfaction were significantly increased by engaging well with people and being transparent about the process. 

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) in 2014, the way people were treated, at all levels, was rated as “very important” by 72% of employees surveyed, making it the top contributor to overall employee job satisfaction

It increases positive engagement. Over a range of surveys only 30% of people really feel engaged fully whether this be employees or people who use your service and product.

Is a stress reducer and improves knowledge sharing?

It’s morally right! It shows ethics and good culture in any organisation

What is the Be Human Movement

The Be Human Initiative consists of a charter type set of principles of what we would like to expect from good public services and organisations. Organisations then test these principles in various ways with their employees and/or customers/recipients of support.

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