This page is for people and families and has been set up to help share useful links, practical tips and ideas that people who manage their direct payments have put in place for themselves and their PA’s. Hopefully by joining together and sharing, we might be able to ease some anxieties around the uncertainty. 

Please note, this page is not for medical advice, for that we advise you use the up to date Government guidance 

This a webinar about employment issues for people with direct payments via a personal budget or personal health budget.

Stephen Robson the senior solicitor for employment and discrimination from Disability Law Service explores the employment related issues during Coronavirus crisis.

The webinar is useful for anyone concerned about employment issues in the current climate. 

Webinar from 1st April 2020 – Employment issues for people with direct payments during the Coronavirus crisis.

Questions and answers from the webinar – 1st April 20

The Disability Law Service have kindly provided details of the different areas that they cover which includes: community care, employment, housing and welfare benefits. You can find contact details here: Disability Law Service Overview and Contacts

This webinar recording focuses on accessing care during the Coronavirus Crisis. With the onset of new emergency coronavirus legislation, “The Coronavirus Bill 2019-21”.

Steve Broach, a barrister at 39 Essex Chambers in London, gives information on this legislation and take questions on how to access care during this time. Steve’s talk is for information only and cannot be relied on for legal advice. If legal advice is needed you may wish to contact a solicitor (some suggestions below).

Webinar from 30th March 2020 –  Accessing Care during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Questions and answers from the webinar will be available soon

If you need additional advice you can find a list of Solicitors with expertise in disability and special education needs (SEN) cases here: List of Solicitors 

In this webinar recording you will hear from people who have started their contingency planning and hope to enable sharing of their tips and ideas. It focuses on those with Direct Payments via a Personal Budget or Personal Health Budget. Miro Griffiths, Andy Walker and Tricia Nicoll share their contingency plans.

Webinar from 26th March 2020 – Practical tips on contingency plans during COVID-19 for people on Direct Payments. 

This is the link to a webinar recording where people gathered on line to discuss tactics and practical tips for people & families who have a direct payment through a personal budget or health budget. Listen in to hear Miro Griffith, Will Case, Liz Wilson and Karen Saville who manage their direct payments who shared the protocols they have put in place for themselves and their PA’s.

Webinar from 17th March 2020 – Practical tips during COVID-19 for people on Direct Payments. 

Tips, notes, contacts, questions and responses from the webinar can be found here:                                                                                      Tips and notes from the Webinar 17th March 20 

This is an up to date list of local Coronavirus 19 (COVID 19) Facebook support groups – there have been over 1,500 local COVID-19 support groups set up, there’s bound to be one near you that you can connect with…

Resources that have been kindly shared:


Personal Budget, Personal Health Budget and Direct payments Questions & Answers

NICE published Rapid Guidelines COVID-19 for: Critical Care, delivery of systemic anticancer treatments and dialysis service delivery.

COVID-19  guidance from Skill for Care including residential care, supported living and home care guidance and guidance on key workers

Advice and Guidance for people using Direct Payments during the Coronavirus crisis from Knowsley Disability Concern (KDC)

A template letter you may use if you employ Personal Assistants (confirmed as key workers in the Health and Social Care sector) to support you: anonymous PA letter March 2020

NHS England – A template that could be adapted for your keyworkers to show that they support you in your life.

Template letters to include complaints to supermarkets, designed to provide priority access for disabled people. They can be downloaded for free at:

Penderel’s Trust have produced a ‘key worker’ proof letter template for individual employers, as an employer you may use this as guide: KeyWorkerLetterTemplate

Penderel’s Trust have prepared a ‘be prepared’ factsheet for people who have Direct Payments developed from the information shared from the webinar above:

Penderel’s Trust have shared a list of frequently asked questions for individual employers

Esther’s briefing document for her PA’s:  Briefing document for PAs

ACAS – Advice for Employers and Employees during the coronavirus crisis:

HR questions and answers for employers:  Coronavirus and employees FAQ’s March 2020

Following the announcement of the Job Retention Scheme last week, the government have released updated guidance on eligibility and use of the scheme. Available on the government website, the guidance confirms that workers placed on furlough may be able to have 80 per cent of their wages paid through the scheme by a government grant, up to a monthly cap of £2,500. They should not undertake any work for the organisation whilst on furlough that amounts to making money for it or providing services to it.

Updated guidance on eligibility and use of the Job Retention Scheme during COVID-19

Learning Disability England (LDE) –  Easy to read information on the Coronavirus

Inclusion North – Plain English audio version ‘About Coronavirus’ from Bradford Talking media       Audio link

Learning Disability England (LDE) – Tips and ideas how to keep in touch

Mark Bates Ltd, Insurance company have shared useful information for Employers and Self Employed during COVID-19:

Carers UK – Guidance for carers

This is a list of resources relevant for disabled people during the Covid-19 outbreak, with a UK focus. The list includes resources and template letters relevant to people on low incomes, workers, renters and anyone else requiring mutual aid.

If you have useful resources to share or ideas for useful webinar topics please let us know:

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